Breast Awareness

8 Jan

Breast Awareness

The NZ National Screening Unit gives the following advice to women on the subject of breast awareness:

“Some cancers are found by the woman herself or her partner. You can help find breast cancer early by getting to know your breasts and being aware of any changes that are not normal for you.

“Looking at your breasts in the mirror and feeling them while washing or dressing are important as you get older, especially after age 40. This is recommended for all women, even if they are having mammograms.

“If you notice any breast symptoms (changes that are not normal for you) see your doctor as soon as possible. Do not wait for you next mammogram to have this problem checked. [original emphasis]

“Possible signs of breast cancer are:

a new lump or thickening

a change in breast shape or size

pain in the breast that is unusual

puckering or dimpling of the skin

any change in one nipple, such as:
a turned-in nipple

a discharge that occurs without squeezing

a rash or reddening of the skin that appears only on the breast.”

The advice to see a doctor if you notice any of the possible signs of breast cancer even if you have recently had  a mammogram – is good advice.  It applies equally to women who have recently had a thermogram or a breast examination by a doctor or nurse that did not reveal any problems.

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